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+7-966-317-96-36(с 14 до 20МСК)

WARNING (about the license)
In the letter, please specify: the type and name of the project, name of composition, the country of your stay and your full name, type of project, your financial offer.
In this case, I will answer you as soon as possible and we'll be able to quickly resolve your issue.


Please read it:

Types of license for each track here:


Something close to a F.A.Q. that you should take into consideration before contacting me.

1) According to Creative Commons license, you have an unlimited non-exclusive right to use my compositions and change them or their parts in your NON-COMMERCIAL work with attribution of the authorship. 
2) There isn’t sheet music for my compositions right now.(Coming Soon!)
3) I’m keeping track of the projects that use my music, you don’t have to inform me about everyone of them, though you can draw my attention to something big. 
4) Don’t use letters to thank me, better use donations. You also can buy my albums in online music stores. That doesn’t contradict the fact that you can download my music freely without violating laws of any country. And once again, using it in NON-commercial work like videos is perfectly alright. Please inform me of any problems that you encountered while using my music that way.
5) Please, don’t bother me with unimportant stuff, I have quite a lot of trouble with translation and I can’t waste my time on little unimportant messages.
6) I don’t take part in little projects for interest money or royalty. One track, one payment.

7) You are not allowed to upload my music or your audio with my music in stores like Itunes or Spotify. You are not allowed to use Youtube Content ID system. 

Best regards, Kai Engel.