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creative commons.

Please read it:

Types of license for each track are here:

CC BY list.

This compositions are free for commercial usage if you give credits (music by Kai Engel in the description). You CAN NOT upload this audio or your own audio which contains this music in stores or streaming services like Itunes and Spotify.

You CAN upload videos with this music to Youtube until you give credits.

  1. Sentinel

  2. Interception

  3. Great Expectations

  4. Homeroad

  5. Laburnum

  6. September

  7. Cobweb Morning

  8. November

  9. Smoldering

  10. Traffic

  11. Marée 

  12. Salue

  13. Realness

  14. Oecumene Sleeps 

  15. Sunray (PON IV)

  16. July

  17. Walking Barefoot on Grass

  18. Somnolence

  19. Anxiety

  20. Delirium

  21. Sopor

  22. Comatose

  23. Oneiri

  24. Brooks

  25. April

  26. Daylight

  27. Something

  28. Snowmen

  29. Nothing

  30. Behind Your Window

  31. Remedy for Melancholy

  32. Sunset

  33. Wake Up!

  34. Low Horizon

  35. Warm of Mechanical Heart

  36. Seeker

  37. Run

  38. Harbor

  39. Imminence

  40. Passages

  41. Scenery

  42. Tumult

  43. Chance

  44. Denouement

  45. periculum

  46. daedalus

  47. modum

  48. daemones

  49. Brand New World 

  50. Meekness 

  51. Holiday Gift 

  52. Headway 

  53. Slum Canto 

  54. Evermore 

  55. Cold War Echo 

  56. Global Warming 

  57. Plague 

  58. Mercy 

custom work.

I'm taking orders at the moment. Please contact with your offer:



WARNING (about the license)
In the letter, please specify the type and name of the project, name of the composition, the country of your stay, and your full name, type of project, your financial offer.

In this case, I will answer you as soon as possible and we'll be able to quickly resolve your issue.


Please read it:

Types of license for each track here:


Please notice, you are not allowed to upload my music or your audio with my music in stores like Itunes or Spotify. You are not allowed to use the Youtube Content ID system. 

Best regards, Kai Engel.

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