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It's Kai Engel.

About me:

Name - Anton Stanislavovich Fedchenkov

Birth - 04 september 1992

I'm a media music composer, known for many works in cinema, advertising, and video games.

Main genres: Contemporary Classical, Classical Crossover, Ambient, IDM,


As a Russian, I was forced to leave my country this year because of my disagreement with War started against Ukraine. If you have resources to use it for support, I think the best idea is to support the Ukrainian people instead. There are a lot of ways which you can find, for example, the fund "Повернись живим".

If you still want to support me, I'll appreciate it here:

Donations or support subscriptions:

Or you can buy something here (preferred way of support now):

or you can support my music in crypto:

BTC: bc1q7l45fk9gwhn9rxfy3vr4vh5uh22vv4x3tdykw8

ETH: 0xaDA7690061AB477B7ae6282A11107e4a499FAb97

Paypal is not working for me now.

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